New Roof Installation

The key to any roof that is long lasting and low in maintenance is in the quality of materials used and the skills of the individual who installs it. At Chris Ogden roofing Barnsley Contractor we hold NVQ Qualifications in Roof Slating and Tiling, and use the finest quality materials, sourced from reputable manufacturers, all of which comply with British Standards. The company operates a strict code of practise to ensure every job exceeds current Building regulations and Health and Safety requirements.

Types of work we do.

Natural Slate:

Slating is a traditional skill that has been used in roofing for hundreds of years, and has a proven track record for exceptional performance over virtually any other type of roof covering. A slate roof can last in excess of 100 years, with little or no maintenance throughout its lifetime. It is available in a variety of colours and styles and will give a truly unique look to your home.

Clay Roof Tiles:

Clay tiles were introduced into the UK by the Romans over a thousand years ago and are still widely used today. Many clay tiled roofs look stunning when complete and if well maintained will look as good after 50 years as the day it was first installed. Clay tiles are available in various shapes and styles; and are generally low in maintenance, with high life expectancy.

Concrete Roof Tiles:

Concrete roof tiles are one of the most cost effective coverings on the market and have become popular with many new housing developments. Concrete is relatively cheap and easy to fit, with a large choice of colours and styles available to replicate the look of many natural slates and clay tiles. The downsides to having a concrete tiled roof though, are that they can become unsightly after a few years. They may lose some of their colour and often require more frequent maintenance, with a lower life expectancy than other coverings.