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Chris Ogden Barnsley Roofing Contractor South Yorkshire is an approved installer of Hertalan Epdm Rubber membranes, which offers the ultimate performance in Flat Roofing. Hertalan only sell their products to fully trained roofers, approved barnsley roofing contractors and as such every roof installation comes with a manufacturer backed 20 year warranty.

The Hertalan system is proven to last 50 years with many of the first roof systems installed still in use today. Fitting requires no heat or naked flames, making application far safer than other flat roof coverings. Each sheet can be manufactured to the dimensions of your roof, and installed in one single piece. Epdm has excellent resistance to hot and cold temperatures, UV Radiation, and is permanently elastic. This allows the membrane to expand and contract without splitting or cracking the membrane and shortening its lifespan.

Built up Bitumen Felt

Bitumen felt is bonded together in layers to provide a waterproof covering. Heat is applied to the underside of the felt which melts a thin layer of bitumen; it is then rolled along the roof and pressed firmly into the roof deck to provide a waterproof seal. Advances in technology have improved the performance of built up felt, but it is still vulnerable to cracking and splitting with its poor elasticity, low resistance to UV and hot and cold temperatures. Many single-ply systems are far safer to install and have a lot longer life expectancy than bitumen felt which will typically last between 7-12 years.

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